Bikini G-String

Now that summer is almost here, a lot of women will rush to the clothing stores to get their own pairs of bikini G-string before heading off to the beaches.  There are a number of swimwear designs that a woman can choose from, which will depend on body type, beach activity, and color and design preference.

Body type

Not all women have perfectly proportioned body types that will let them wear any two-piece swimsuit.  For women who are either heavy at the top or heavier at the bottom, the key is not drawing so much attention to your least attractive body parts.  If you are bottom-heavy, it is best to draw attention to your chest and shoulders.  Wearing decorative tops and those that enhance your cleavage are your best options.  For those who wouldn’t want attention to their cleavage, a small bottom piece that will highlight their waist and legs is a great choice.

Beach activity

Your two-piece beachwear should suit the activity that you intend to do on the beach.  If you just want to lie on the sand, wear a skimpy g-string bikini that will give you a more even tan.  But if you intend to swim or play some beach sports, choose a bathing suit that would give sufficient support.  Your swimwear should be tight enough to prevent unnecessary body exposure without compromising the comfort of the material.  Just make sure that the material is appropriate for they type of sport or activity you have in mind.

Color and design preference

The color and the design of your beachwear depend largely on your personal preference.  There are a large variety of options for bathing suit colors.  While bright-colored bathing suits are very common during summer, you will also find daring ladies who defied convention and got themselves dark-colored (even black) skimpy beach clothing.  You may also mix and match colors according to your preferences.  When you select the colors of your tops and bottoms, remember that there are colors that flatter some body types.  It would be best to educate yourself on the color that suits the shape of your body.

The available designs for your two-piece swimsuits are limitless.  You may opt for the conventional tops, halter-strapped bikinis, strapless types, bandeaus, plain-colored or striped bikini tops, and pair them with one of these bottoms — G-strings or micro, shorts, so you will br ready to enjoy your summer at the beach.

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